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Surabhi Syndicate, led by Mr. Harsha, is a reputable supplier and producer of donkey milk. As a company dedicated to delivering high-quality products, we have established in 2018 as a trusted name in the industry.Our primary focus is on providing the finest donkey milk to our customers. Donkey milk is known for its numerous health benefits and is considered a valuable ingredient in various skincare and health products. With our expertise and commitment to excellence, we ensure that our customers receive pure and premium-quality donkey milk.

Located at Telangana, India, Also, We have 50 donkeys which include breeds like the Harari breed Kachcchi breed, our strategic location allows us to efficiently manage our production and distribution processes. We take pride in sourcing our donkey milk from healthy and well-maintained donkeys, ensuring the highest standards of hygiene and animal welfare.

Our Products

Packaging Type Tin, Plastic Can
Purity 99.9%
Color White
Feature Good For Health, Excellent In Taste
MOQ 1 Litre
Magnesium 2%
Country of Origin India


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Benefits of Donkey Milk

1.Great nutrition option for infants

Donkey milk is considered similar to human and cow milk. As it contains more taurine components than cow's milk which is an essential for infant’s growth.

2. Ideal substitute for people with cow milk allergy

Donkey’s milk is proven helpful in gaining child weight without causing them any allergy occurred from cows milk protein consumption

3. Boost skin health

The presence of multivitamins and antioxidants prevents the skin barrier. Moreover, it is a great skin moisturizer.

4. Strengthen bones health

The lactose compound found in donkey milk helps in better absorbing calcium and phosphorus. Additionally, aids in bone-building and boosting bone strength.

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